How Do Vehicles Control Emissions?

MUFFLERMost have probably heard a lot about emissions and why they need to be controlled. However, have you ever wondered what they are or how vehicles keep them under control?

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Basics of Oil Change

18706_698824006799995_1561248615_nOil changes, like taxes, are an inescapable fact of life for car owners. However, whether you change your own oil or leave it to the professionals, you should at least understand what choices are available to you and how they will affect your vehicle’s performance. Here are a few basics of oil changing that will bring you up to speed and help you make an informed decision.

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Why You Should Leave Engine Repairs to the Professionals

diesel-engineCars today have over 80 separate computers scattered around the car, but one of the big ones is the engine control unit (ECU). Also known as the engine control module (ECM), this controls most of the key engine functions, including the fuel/air mixture, spark timing and more.

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Understanding the Basics of Diesel Engines

408441_531296886886042_246762511_nLess than 5 percent of U.S. passenger cars are diesel-powered, but diesel engines are the workhorses of agriculture, construction, drilling, forestry, industry, mining, transportation and shipping. Diesel engines power everything from buses and combines to bulldozers, excavators, semi-trailer trucks, ships and trains.

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Pros and Cons of Clean Diesel

Clean DieselIt’s been almost a decade since the US Environmental Protection Agency adopted more stringent requirements for diesel fuels. The idea was to reduce diesel emissions and diminish the production of black carbon particulate matter.

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Key Technologies that Make Clean Diesel Possible

Clean DieselThere are over 7 million diesel cars, SUVS, trucks and vans on American roads. Whether you are in the market for a clean diesel vehicle or you are simply interested in learning more, it helps to have a basic understanding of key technologies utilized to reduce diesel emissions and assist new-gen vehicles in earning the clean diesel namesake.

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Is Clean Diesel for Cars Real?

Controversy arose in 2015 regarding clean diesel cars and engine emissions, and it reignited the long-standing debate regarding engine, fuel and pollution. Clean diesel aims to be more environmentally friendly than standard diesel, while also providing a longer lasting fuel for your engine. The technology for clean diesel has advanced progress on energy efficiency and environmentally friendly fuel, and diesel cars have become more popular.

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How to Boost Your Vehicle Mileage with Diesel Engines

271714_531296566886074_102919857_oDiesel engines usually last longer and require fewer maintenance trips than their gas-powered counterparts, but they’re also more fuel efficient as well. While actual performance varies, in general, diesel vehicles are 20% to 40% more fuel efficient than gasoline engines. This article will provide some ways you can boost mileage and further reduce fuel expenses.

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Chip Tuning vs. Performance Tuning

file0001526268459When it comes getting the most out of your engine, two of your biggest options are chip tuning and performance tuning. Both of these are types of engine tuning, each with their own benefits, and their own costs.

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Give Your Diesel Truck a Spring Tune Up

000000013647Spring is upon us and just like your house may need some spring cleaning, your diesel truck probably needs a spring tune up as well. It is no secret that cars take a huge toll during the winter months and diesel trucks are no different. Even skipping just one regular tune up and something ends up going wrong with your truck can cause an unwanted domino effect to take place. One simple malfunction could actually affect some other parts of the vehicle.

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