Bully Dog Vs. Superchips: Which Performance Tuner is Right for You?

Bully Dog Vs. Superchips

Bully Dog and Superchips both offer major boosts in power, torque and fuel efficiency when you set your ride up with these power programmers. Depending on if you’re looking for more pulling power or tire-turning torque, you’ll definitely find what you’re looking for here at Asher Automotive. We will discuss the difference between these Bully Dog vs. Superchips to better help you understand which one tuner is right for you.

Bully Dog Vs. Superchips

Benefits of Bully Dog Performance Chips

Bully Dog has been designing top-notch power programmers that give your truck more power since 1999. You can unleash your truck’s true power potential with Bully Dog control modules synced into your ride’s onboard computer system. It’s almost like having your very own mechanic lying under your hood. Bully Dog has a reputation as one of the most trusted manufactures of truck chips and tuners on the market.

You’ll notice the faster hill climbing, stronger towing and better MPGs, no matter which Bully Dog programmer you choose. In addition, if you pair Bully Dog’s control module with an in-cab monitor, you can have on-the-fly control.

Specifically, the Bully Dog GT Tuner has four different power levels that adds massive horsepower and torque. With a full color display screen, this tuner makes it easy for you to see instant fuel economy, trip fuel economy, current gear and more. Also, with the on-the-fly power level adjustment you can have total control over your ride’s performance.

Benefits of Superchips Performance Chips

With more than 25 years of experience in the industry, Superchips knows what it takes to ensure  the following:

  • properly proportioning airflow
  • timing and other settings
  • ensuring your ride gets the most power possible

You’ll also notice major boosts in horsepower, torque and fuel economy with any of the large selections of programmers and tuners Superchips offers.

If you set your ride up the Superchips FlashPaq Tuner, it will give your diesel-powered pickup major boost in horsepower, torque and MPGs. This tuner also allows you to modify your rig’s computer in the following areas depending on the vehicle:

  • speed limiter
  • tire size
  • DTC reader
  • rev limit
  • multi-tune

So, Which Performance Tuner is Right for You?

Keep your desired results in mind when considering between a Bully Dog programmer or a Superchips programmer. If you are looking for a tuner to log performance times and speeds while also enjoying on-the-fly adjustability, a Superchips Programmer is what you want. If you want an overall solid performance chip for cars or trucks, or if you want to drastically improve your MPGs, a Bully Dog tuner is what you’re looking for.

Whether you want a Bully Dog vs. Superchips tuner, Asher Automotive has you covered. For more information click the contact us link below.

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