Diesel Engines: Maintenance and Repair

Diesel engines hold an amazing alternative to Gasoline motors. Not only is the fuel economy better, but so is the longevity of the motor itself. Diesel engines have been recorded to travel as far as nine hundred thousand miles on the original engine of the vehicle; this was seen by Mercedes Benz. However with these large capacities for engine longevity, it is also a long road of regular maintenance that you would otherwise not have to deal with when using gasoline powered motors. This being said, Gas powered motors have specific parts that fail over time that can cost hundreds to thousands to fix, whereas diesel motors require regular inspections and the occasional filter or oil change and that’s that.

Regular Maintenance

Rather than having spark plugs and other electrical ignition parts like wires and other moving components (distributor rotor) that are subject to wear in gasoline motors, Diesel motors lack these parts but instead of items such as glow plugs that generate heat in place of sparkplugs and a direct injection system. Diesel motors have to be cooled significantly due to their much higher compression ratio. Regular gas engines have a compression ratio that is around 200 psi, diesel runs at around 3 times that much, thus because of this there is more heat generation. Along with regular cooling system maintenance, diesel engines constantly need to have their oil changed, oil filters changed, and air filters changed at a regular interval. More so, when a gas engine overheats you can turn it off and let it rest for a few minutes to be able to restart it later, with no repercussions, but with a diesel heat is generated on a much higher level, so much to the point that if you do not turn it off and let it rest soon enough your motors could be damaged beyond repair. Thankfully, though, most modern vehicles have a early warning system built into their motors that can let you know if your heat is too high so that you can prevent damage.

What We Can Do For You

Now you may be wondering, where do we come in? Well, diesel motors do not break often, that is for sure. But what keeps them going for thousands of miles is people like us who can make sure that your vehicle is running at its tip top shape at all times. Diesel engines require large amounts of regular maintenance and checkups, not only to ensure they are well away from a chance of failure, but to keep their performance at the top. We are trained to repair and maintain almost all types of diesel motors out there, anywhere from fuel injector cleaning to swapping an entire motor out with a new one, we are here to help. There are things that most companies can forget to check for that are crucial in your vehicles health, we are well aware of all the critical points in diesel motors and are certified to do what needs to be done to get you on the road faster. So next time you find yourself needing a mechanic or a trained team of specialists who can examine your vehicle, swing by Asher Automotive!

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  1. Thanks for the tips! It’s really important to me to take good care of my uncle’s old truck now that he’s loaned it to me to use for commuting to work, so it’s really great to know how to better maintain the engine to keep it running. It’s really interesting to learn about how diesel engines run differently compared to other engines. I didn’t know that they use glow plugs that generate heat, since spark plugs wear down more easily. I’ll be sure to keep that in mind, so that I won’t replace the glow plugs with spark plugs by mistake.

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