What is Engine Computer Tuning?

Engine Computer Tuning

Car engine tuning is a way to get more power out of your car engine. We will explain what car engine computer tuning is and when and why to tune your engine.

Computer Engine Tuning

What is Engine Computer Tuning for Your Car?

Remapping or chipping are also popular terms for engine tuning. Cars today have an electronic management system that controls fueling. This system operates using the brain of the engine, which is known as the ECU (Engine Control Unit). This determines how much fuel and air to mix, squirt into the cylinder and ignite.

Our tuning process includes the altering of the stock computer, and ultimately, how your car runs. Typically, we do this is after adjustments to your car’s stock configuration.

For instance, if a turbo kit was installed on your car, tuning is necessary to ensure it runs properly and safely.

Why is Engine Computer Tuning Necessary?

Tuning for stock engine computers is specifically to operate your car with the factory setup. Once adjustments for the stock configuration are complete, the computer operating your engine requires a variety of parameters adjustments. These adjustments include the following:

  • Fuel
  • Ignition (or timing)
  • Maps

Computer engine tuning essentially brings everything together by getting the performance parts to safely perform at their best. The two main products of our computer engine tuning are performance and reliability.

After our mechanics tunes your engine, your car will be ready to endure what it is built for. Our process ensures that your vehicle will perform without issues. In addition, your car will be able to withstand more spirited driving without concern for immediate consequences.

When to Have Your Engine Computer Tuning Done?

Engine computer tuning is necessary when making modifications that will change the amount of air or fuel passing through your car engine. These adjustments can have a lasting negative effect if not quickly tuned properly. Therefore, consider tuning if you have had an installation or change of any of the following:

  • Large camshafts
  • Large fuel injectors
  • Supercharger
  • Turbocharger
  • Nitrous
  • Highly compression pistons
  • Ported cylinder head
  • Intake Tube
  • Header
  • Exhaust


Our experienced mechanics can perform full service engine computer tuning services, so you receive maximum results. For more information, or to schedule your engine computer tuning, contact us here at Asher Automotive with the link below!

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