Give Your Diesel Truck a Spring Tune Up


Spring is upon us and just like your house may need some spring cleaning, your diesel truck probably needs a spring tune up as well. It is no secret that cars take a huge toll during the winter months and diesel trucks are no different. Even skipping just one regular tune up and something ends up going wrong with your truck can cause an unwanted domino effect to take place. One simple malfunction could actually affect some other parts of the vehicle.

Here are a couple of tips to get more from your diesel truck while also saving money and keeping you safe.

Regular Maintenance

It is vital to keep on top of the regular maintenance schedule with your diesel truck. It is important to always check the records and make sure you are aware of when your most recent regular tune up was. If you are due for another tune up, then spring is one of the best times to have it done. This will keep you prepared for the summer. It is a good idea to have a mechanic examine the cooling system in your truck. The last thing anyone wants is to for their truck to break down on a scorching hot day with no cooling system. A mechanic will pressure test all parts of the system for leaks, as well as inspect all of the connections, hoses, coolant mix and condition of the seat belts.

Getting Brakes Checked

Having a spring tune up can possibly prevent any accident from occurring. It is crucial to have your brakes checked to make sure they do not fail and cause devastating results. This simple check will keep repair costs down by preventing vehicle damage and preventing your vehicle insurance from rising. This can also keep you and your passengers much more safe, as well save you money regarding diesel usage. It is estimated that a poorly tuned engine will use around 50 percent more gas than an engine which is running perfectly. This is beneficial to you as you will not spend so much money on fuel.

Drive Steadily

It is important to always drive at steady speeds to keep your engine well tuned and help you save money on diesel. You will consume a lot more fuel if you are stopping and starting your truck all the time. You can avoid this by anticipating traffic flow. Also, it is ideal to keep the tires of your diesel truck well inflated. Under-inflation can cause you to consume more fuel and spend more money.


Winter can really have serious affects on parts of your vehicle which can be hard to identify. Following these tips can keep you safe as well as potentially save money. Don’t hesitate to give your diesel truck a much needed spring tune up! Contact us at Asher Automotive for more information!

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  1. I definitely agree that regular maintenance is essential to keeping your truck in good condition. As you say, though, it’s important to keep a schedule and to regularly check your records. I never thought about keeping a physical record of my maintenance, but I can see how this can help me stay on top of all of the tune ups and not let any maintenance fall through the cracks. Thanks for the insights and tips!

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