Race Modifications for Your Car and Performance Mods

race modifications for your car

Race modifications are modifications that make your car more suitable for racing. Some typical race modifications for your car include replacing the body with a new, more aerodynamic one; changing the rims to lighter rims and a lighter dashboard. We will discuss a few tips to race modifications for your car, as well as a few performance mods.

Race Modifications for Your Car

Why Seek Performance?

Some people view performance modifications as a justification to increase fuel consumption. However, fuel economy is relative to performance. Performance can be measured a few ways, which include the following:

  • fuel consumption
  • emissions output
  • maximizing the kinetic energy your car can produce

Automotive manufacturers tune most cars on the road to be much more conservative of their actual potential performance. This prolongs vehicle reliability within the sparse vehicle maintenance schedules. However, performance modifications can help you achieve significant improvements on your ride without any major drawbacks.

Tips for Race Modifications

Start with the Right Car

While this may seem obvious, some cars are not intended for race modifications. There are certain aspects of a car that cannot really be changed by tuning. Therefore, choosing the right car in the beginning will ensure you get the highest-performing version of the car you want.

Choose Your Mods Wisely

There’s a reason car companies design cars the way they do in stock form. This is because they want every model car to appeal to the widest audience possible. Therefore, you can modify your car to suit, by every modification comes with a compromise.

An aggressively tuned suspension may help the car corner a bit flatter on the track. However, it may make the vehicle terrible to drive on the road.

Also, oversized tires can provide more grip at the limit. However, it will cause the front end to dart about on uneven pavement.

A bigger camshaft can make more power, but may make the car idle rough. Larger wheels may look cool. However, they could ruin the ride quality and even slow your car down.

Affordable Performance Mod Options

Cold-Air Intake

A cold-air intake is the first and easiest performance mod. Our cold-air intake service here at Asher Automotive consists of replacing the stock, restrictive air box for your car’s intake. The purpose is that by allowing air to flow naturally without any baffles or restrictions, your engine is able to to breathe easier to access more air when needed, such as when utilizing an on-ramp to join a highway.

Depending on the design of the intake, you could just make it breathe warmer engine air. Therefore, try to select one that “seals” off the engine bay from the air filter area.

Cat-Back Exhaust

A cat-back exhaust improves acceleration and fuel economy. Along with a cold-air intake, a cat-back exhaust is the second mod that many people are familiar with: exhaust upgrades. Your engine is similar to that of a water pump, sucking water in and pushing water out. The pipes you have for your exhaust need to enable air to escape freely.

If you do an intake upgrade, it’s ideal to upgrade your exhaust as well. In addition to sound enhancements, this race modification for your car allows your engine to run more efficiently. A cat-back exhaust system includes everything after the catalytic converter. Therefore, it is completely legal to change here in Texas.

Strut Tower Braces

Strut tower braces is one of the many race modifications for your car, which can improve handling. To improve the handling of your car as you enter turns, install a strut tower brace. The strut tower brace is at the top of your front shocks.

A strut tower brace works by balancing the forces that are placed on one side of your car to distribute to the other side. In extremes, this keeps your tires on the ground through a high-speed turn that would normally make the other tire unstable.

Computer Tune

Computers in our cars today control all aspects of its performance and emissions. However, newer cars can be tuned to improve specific aspects of the engine to unlock more horsepower throughout the entire power brand.

After making the above race modifications, you might want to explore if your car is eligible for a tune here at Asher Automotive. Not all vehicles are designed for this modification, but many allow aftermarket settings to be written to the computer.

Spark Plugs and Wires

Replacing your spark plugs and their wires can make a significant difference. Spark plugs can wear out over time as their conductive elements erode away. Therefore, this forces your ignition coils to work harder to produce a “hotter” spark.

In addition, wires make a huge difference due to electrical resistance and insulation to causing interference.


These are just the basics of race modifications for your car. Contact us with the link below for more information!

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