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Water-methanol injection is one of the most common upgrades within the high performance market. While injecting water and anything else into an engine for more power might not seem like a good idea, the truth is that (if done properly) water methanol injection is beneficial to powerfully induced and naturally aspirated engines. Preventing detonation is the main function of water-methanol injection, but, with proper tuning, it can also enhance the horsepower/torque output by 10 to 15 percent.

What is Water-Methanol Injection?

Water-methanol injection utilizes technology dating back to World War II in military’s fighter aircraft and later in Turbojet aircraft, at the correct conditions a fine mist of water or water-methanol is injected. Power increases when these very fine droplets change state during combustion. With Snow Performance, gasoline engines make the induction charge colder and denser and also it also offers power potential. Snow Performance allows you to run full power all the time whether you are running a supercharger/turbocharger or a high compression muscle car. This produces huge cost savings because there is no need to run expensive high octane fuel with the proven power improvements of 10-20 percent.

How It Works

Water-methanol injection prevents detonation by heating the substances when they are compressed. Detonation or “pre-ignition” occurs in traditional gasoline engines when a cylinder’s air/fuel charge compresses and heats to the point of auto-ignition, before it can be lit by a spark plug. This can occur a few degrees of crank rotation in advance and not be so bad; but if it occurs farther back in the compression stroke, it can easily destroy the internal components of high-horsepower engine. A finally atomized mist of water and methanol to the engine’s cylinder charge and once absorbed it vaporizes. The inside of the cylinder reduces in temperature, thus decreasing the possibility of detonation.

While water is not combustible, it has a greater capacity to cool intake charges that methanol does by itself. This is why a 1:1 mixture of methanol and water is recommended by most manufacturers. The octane rating of fuel is effectively increased by methanol which gives the benefits of running higher octane levels. The evaporate effects of the water and the octane boost of methanol combined creates more horsepower by allowing your motor to run more advanced ignition timing and/or boost. The general practiced principle is that for every 10 degree intake temperature that is decreased, an engine will output one percent more horsepower. Many have found that the benefits of water-methanol injection are equivalent to running race gas, but without the expensive price.

About Snow Performance

Water-methanol injection systems for today’s diesel and gasoline engines were first popularized and developed by Snow Performance. Through years of development further advances in variable injection have been discovered, and today’s pre-mapped 2d micro processor controlled units maintain the reputation of Snow Performance as the leader in water-methanol injection.


For more information or to install your Snow Performance Water-Methanol Injection schedule an appointment today with Asher Automotive by clicking the link below.



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