Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Car

Spring has officially begun! We have discussed winter maintenance tips for your car, but keeping your vehicle in tune for Spring is just as critical in extending the life of your vehicle. This article will discuss a few spring cleaning tips you can do for your car.

Wheel Alignment

Potholes and other driving conditions due to winter weather can result in your wheels to be misaligned. If you notice that your vehicle pulls or veers to one side or the other, have your alignment checked. Asher Automotive’s technicians can check your wheel alignment to ensure your safety on the road.





Tire Pressure

The temperature outside can directly affect your tire pressure, so you will want to make sure they are properly inflated. Warmer weather increases tire pressure, and if the pressures gets too high, you may be prone to a blow out. A pressure gauge should be used to ensure your tires are at the proper psi.


Tire Tread

Make sure to examine the tread on your tires using the penny test. Look carefully for any uneven patches or bald spots. It might not seem as important in the Spring, but this time of year is the rainiest and wettest season. Good traction is crucial for driving on wet roads, particularly unexpected or panic stops. If you are not sure how to check your tires, stop by Asher Automotive and our technicians can assist you with any issues you may have!



Oil Change

The beginning of every season is a great time to have your oil changed. Make sure to also have your fluids topped off, as fluids are essential for the optimum performance of your vehicle. If you have an auto inspection coming up, it is always ideal to have an oil change done at this time.





Wiper Blades

Spring is generally a very rainy season, which means you will need to be able to see clearly when it’s raining. Windshield wipers are relatively cheap to purchase, and you can install them yourself. Just check your owner’s manual to make sure you buy the right type of blade.





Brake Check

It is particularly important to have your brakes inspected. Given rough driving conditions, your brakes can possibly lose performance and functionality. Our team here at Asher Automotive specializes in all brake repair services.





Car Wash

When you think of “Spring cleaning,” this is probably one of the most common things that comes to mind for your car. If you’ve traveled to a cold-weather climate this winter, road salt can be especially damaging to your vehicle’s undercarriage. Make sure to take your car to a car wash that provides an undercarriage wash because it can be difficult to fully clean the underside of your car on your own.




Hoses and Belts

The winter weather can pose harsh conditions on your belts and hoses. Make sure to have them inspected thoroughly to ensure they are working properly. Our technicians here at Asher Automotive can inspect your hoses and belts to ensure there are not any issues.




Spring Inspection

The best thing you can do for your car this Spring is stop by our shop for a full inspection. When you bring your car into Asher Automotive, our auto technicians can check all of the issues mentioned above, and can fix any problems we find right away. Most problems, including alignment, coolant and fluid flushes, can be performed right away to get your car back on the road quickly and safely.

Don’t be fooled thinking that just because it is Spring your vehicle is now in the clear. Changing seasons means changing conditions for your vehicle. Check the elements mentioned above in your vehicle, or stop by Asher Automotive for a full inspection. Don’t hesitate to contact us with the link below for more information!

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