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Understanding the Basics of Diesel Engines

Less than 5 percent of U.S. passenger cars are diesel-powered, but diesel engines are the workhorses of agriculture, construction, drilling, forestry, industry, mining, transportation and shipping. Diesel engines power everything from buses and combines to bulldozers, excavators, semi-trailer trucks, ships … Continue reading

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Key Technologies that Make Clean Diesel Possible

There are over 7 million diesel cars, SUVS, trucks and vans on American roads. Whether you are in the market for a clean diesel vehicle or you are simply interested in learning more, it helps to have a basic understanding … Continue reading

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Is Clean Diesel for Cars Real?

Controversy arose in 2015 regarding clean diesel cars and engine emissions, and it reignited the long-standing debate regarding engine, fuel and pollution. Clean diesel aims to be more environmentally friendly than standard diesel, while also providing a longer lasting fuel … Continue reading

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How to Boost Your Vehicle Mileage with Diesel Engines

Diesel engines usually last longer and require fewer maintenance trips than their gas-powered counterparts, but they’re also more fuel efficient as well. While actual performance varies, in general, diesel vehicles are 20% to 40% more fuel efficient than gasoline engines. … Continue reading

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Top Cold Air Intake Systems for Diesel Trucks

Cold Air Intake Systems have been proven to boost horsepower, twist torque and even goose MPGs. These systems are one of the most popular mods on the market with easy installation and a low price tag to add to the … Continue reading

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Bully Dog Vs. Superchips

Bully Dog and Superchips both offer major boosts in power, torque and fuel efficiency when you set your ride up with these power programmers. Depending on if you’re looking for more pulling power or tire-turning torque, you’ll definitely find what … Continue reading

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Snow Performance Water-Methanol Injection

Water-methanol injection is one of the most common upgrades within the high performance market. While injecting water and anything else into an engine for more power might not seem like a good idea, the truth is that (if done properly) … Continue reading

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Diesel Engines: Maintenance and Repair

Diesel engines hold an amazing alternative to Gasoline motors. Not only is the fuel economy better, but so is the longevity of the motor itself. Diesel engines have been recorded to travel as far as nine hundred thousand miles on … Continue reading

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