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Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Car

Spring has officially begun! We have discussed winter maintenance tips for your car, but keeping your vehicle in tune for Spring is just as critical in extending the life of your vehicle. This article will discuss a few spring cleaning … Continue reading

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Smart New Year’s Resolutions for Your Car

The New Year is upon us! This means resolutions and the best intentions for new beginnings. New Year’s resolutions are commonly either body-image or money-related. Also, it is a well-known fact that most New Year’s resolutions are broken within the … Continue reading

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Give Your Diesel Truck a Spring Tune Up

Spring is upon us and just like your house may need some spring cleaning, your diesel truck probably needs a spring tune up as well. It is no secret that cars take a huge toll during the winter months and … Continue reading

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Diagnosing a Bad Automotive Air Conditioner

When your air conditioning unit in your car decides to stop working, you need a quick solution, especially during the summer time when temperatures soar. While many automotive air conditioning repairs require a professional, some common A/C issues can be … Continue reading

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Diesel Engines: Maintenance and Repair

Diesel engines hold an amazing alternative to Gasoline motors. Not only is the fuel economy better, but so is the longevity of the motor itself. Diesel engines have been recorded to travel as far as nine hundred thousand miles on … Continue reading

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Tire Pressure and Maintenance

No matter what conditions you are driving in, your tire is the one thing keeping you on the road. It’s dangerous enough driving with low pressure or a worn down tread, so make sure your tires are up to point … Continue reading

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