Truck Body Lift Kits Or Suspension Lift Kits


There are many reasons for a truck owner to want to lift their vehicle, the main reasons being to add bigger tires, have better off road performance, and adding the capability to clear over large rocks or obstacles. Truck owners can increase the height of their vehicle using either a suspension lift kit, or a body lift kit, here’s how.

What Are Lift Kits?

There are two types of lift kits available to vehicle owners, suspension and body lift kits. They both raise the height of the vehicle but do so in totally different ways. A suspension lift kit accomplishes its lifting ability through modification of the spring system, generally lifting them to a position above the axles. Body lift kits use spacers that can fit in between the suspension and the body of the vehicle, so the vehicle can ride much higher while keeping the suspension at the previous height. Both of these kits have their advantages and disadvantages. A suspension lift kit works best for off-road applications, as it gives the vehicle a higher overall clearance. A body lift kit is best used when installing bigger tires on a vehicle, because it gives the wheel well more clearance between the vehicle body and the ground.

Whats The Difference?

Suspension lift kits are the more common variant of kit. While suspension lift kits cost more than a body lift kit, they tend to handle better and provide more ground clearance since the suspension is raised in addition to the body of the vehicle. Now, with body lift kits, the cost is generally lower than suspension lift kits. Body lift kits are used primarily to allow owners to mount larger tires on their vehicle. Body lift kits consist of spacers that fit at certain points on a vehicle’s body and raise the body of the vehicle to a certain height. The various components, such as the steering column, radiator fan, and shocks, must be extended, raised, or lowered to accommodate the additional clearance.


As with all lift kits and major vehicle hardware upgrades, vehicle owners should consult with an automotive specialist if they are unsure about what type of lift kit to use. You could even consider having the kit that you choose to be installed professionally if you lack the knowledge to do so. Here at Asher Automotive we do all lift kit installations, such as body and suspension lift kits, at reasonable prices. Press the button below to contact us!

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  1. Thanks for the information! I didn’t know very much about lift kits until I came across this article. A buddy of mine told me about the importance of getting a lift kit for my car a while ago, so I thought that it would be a good idea to have a better understanding of what he’s talking about. I thought that the information about the two different types of lift kits was very informative. It’s good to know that body lift kits are used to allow larger tires to be mounted on a car, and suspension lift kits provide better ground clearance. Knowing this information should help to make it easier to decide on the type of lift kit that I want to get for my car.

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