Why You Should Leave Engine Repairs to the Professionals


Cars today have over 80 separate computers scattered around the car, but one of the big ones is the engine control unit (ECU). Also known as the engine control module (ECM), this controls most of the key engine functions, including the fuel/air mixture, spark timing and more.

Externally, an ECU looks like a box due to the housing that protects the circuitboards. If you have a specific amount of mechanical aptitude, it can seem like all you have to do to repair it, replace it or tune it is to unplug it and plug a new one in. However, this can create some big issues. Here are a few reasons why you should leave this job to the professionals.

Professionals Know What to Adjust

All of the variables need to be checked, whether you need a complete replacement or just want a chip tuning module added. Even small adjustments in the settings or software can have big consequences, including causing the whole engine to break down.

All of these variables need to be double-checked even if the computer is exactly the same. If an engine remapping chip needs to be installed, then these variables need to be adjusted to ensure that they are all within the right areas. Simply put, a professional will make sure everything is working together nicely.

Professionals Have the Equipment

The best a do-it-yourselfer mechanic can hope for is to plug a chip tuning unit in and hope everything works out. If there’s anything wrong, then it could seriously damage your engine. While there is equipment that can perform a full diagnostic and check all of the above variables, it’s not exactly in the budget for the average car owner.

Professional repair shops, such as Asher Automotive, have the resources necessary to buy that equipment. We also have extensive training in how to use this equipment. As a result, you can count on us to make sure everything is set up correctly down to the last detail.

Professionals Have the Experience

Even if you are the most avid car enthusiast, odds are good that you only own a handful of cars that need ECU work. And if you mess this procedure up, you could be looking at a very expensive repair bill.

However, professionals have years of experience tuning and remapping hundreds of cars in a wide variety of makes and models. Professionals know the ins and outs to safely make any repairs or modifications, as well the pitfalls to avoid.


Doing your own engine repairs or modifications is taking a big risk with your very expensive car. You’re much safer to spend the extra amount necessary to get it installed by the professionals. Here at Asher Automotive, we repair any and all vehicle engines from Gas powered to Diesel powered. Whether you need major repairs or engine rebuilds/swaps, or just simple tuning and maintenance, we are here to guarantee quality service for an unbeatable price. At all times we have certified and trained mechanics on the spot to help you get what you need. Contact us with link below for more information!

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